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Naish Arcade 2012

Naish Arcade 2012

Kiteboard Model: Arcade
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Naish
Best For
Board sizes

136 x 42 cm

139 x 42.5 cm

142 x 43 cm


The 2012 kiteboard line released by Naish is truly impressive. It gathers a wide range of board models intended to cover all styles and skill levels and it is defined by performance and efficiency. The 2012 Naish Arcade is a board which offers unmatched wakestyle performance. The unique construction of the Arcade allows it to offer excellent pop, speed, power and maneuverability.

• Paulownia Wood Core
• Carbon Composite Laminates
• High Rocker
• 3D Wakestyle Bottom Design
• For use with or without fins
• Optimized Response Flex technology

Wakestyle is a very spectacular discipline. To perform amazing tricks, the rider needs a specific board, which blends pop and power with top control. Naish has come up with the perfect solution for all wakestyle enthusiasts out there called Arcade. Arcade is not just another kiteboard.  It is especially designed to deliver the right amount of pop and power exactly when needed and it is unbelievable easy to control.

Naish has used the innovative Optimized Flex Technology to make sure that the board has a moderate flex when it supports light loads and the flex stiffens under heavier loads. This technology works in conjunction with the rocker and bottom shape pattern to retain direct energy transfer between rider and board. The high rocker provides smooth landings and improved acceleration.

The true innovation comes from the bottom design of the Arcade. It uses a flat middle section into v tips, beveled edges and double channels. This design improves the grip, smoothens out edging and assures smooth landings. Even at high speeds the rider is in complete control and can handle the board without effort.

The board is enhanced by the Skid Plate Technology introduced by Naish to allow riders to ride with or without fins, depending on their style and skill level. The tips alone offer enough grip, but the board can be equipped with G10 fins if needed. The Naish Arcade is constructed using a 100% Paulownia Wood core complemented by Carbon Composite Laminates. This construction provides the perfect flex for wakestyle tricks and improves the overall durability.

Naish Arcade 2012 Average Rating: 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.
Naish Arcade 2012 Reviewed on Sep 20th 2011
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

The new channels improve the overall performance of this board. Very good idea from Naish. The 2012 Arcade is a quick board. It feels loose and skatey when you ride it. Flex is unique: stiffer in tips and incereased in center. Very good for tr...more

Naish Arcade 2012 Reviewed on Aug 30th 2011
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

I've tried the Naish Arcade 2012 with 139 by 42 Seems that this board was designed for pure wakestyle by Naish as it has channels. The shape is very unique. The straps: Naish has redesigned the straps for this boar and they give much...more