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Naish Custom Global 2011 review

Naish Custom Global 2011

Kiteboard Model: Custom Global
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Naish
Best For
Waveriding  Freeride
Board sizes

5'0" 152.4cm x 40.6cm
5'4" 162.6cm x 42.5cm
5'7" 170.2cm x 44.1cm
6'0" 182.9cm x 45.7cm
6'2" 188.0cm x 46.4cm


The Custom kiteboard series developed by Naish offers performance close to perfection. The Naish team has spent a lot of work and effort in the process of research and development to make sure that these boards offer the ultimate efficiency. The 2011 Custom Global are among the most expansive boards on the market, due to the innovative technology and fabrics used it the construction.

The boards are fast, accurate and develop plenty of power, and are recommended for the intermediate or advanced riders who can master the force they unleash. The construction features hand shaped EPS core and laminate composite wrapping. The whole structure is enclosed it a high quality closed cell foam and afterwards plated again with ultra durable laminates. This unique construction assures a lightweight structure and significantly increases durability and tensile strength. With the Naish Custom Global your wave riding skills will reach pro level in no time.

The Naish Custom Global boards are designed with ultra performance in mind. They are based on a super strong and light structure and enhanced to take wave riding to a whole new level. The five Custom Global boards are crafted individually to assure optimal efficiency for the most demanding riders. The boards are very fast and powerful, and at the same time they feature an unmatched control and maneuverability. With the Naish Custom Global, the rider can really express himself the way he wishes out on the water.

Naish Custom Global 5'0"
The Global 5'0" is engineered to make the rider experience insane jumps and fast glides. At the same time the board is very responsive and predictable.

Naish Custom Global 5'4"
If you love the way Robby Naish rides, the Global 5'4" is your choice to ride like him. It is a stable and solid board and offers excellent bottom turns.

Naish Custom Global 5'7"
The Global 5'7" balances perfectly power, speed and maneuverability. The board is highly reliable and allows you to perform any trick you want safe and easy.

Naish Custom Global 6'0"
With the Global 6'0" you can take surf to a whole new level. It floats very nice and allows the rider to tackle any wave without effort.

Naish Custom Global 6'2"
This board has plenty of pop for the hardcore enthusiasts. The increased rocker in the tail area allows the rider to experience a nice power boost and extra control.