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Naish Custom LE 2015

Naish Custom LE 2015

Kiteboard Model: Custom LE
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Naish
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The Custom LE directional from Naish is a high performance strapless wave board, designed for the rider who enjoys a thrilling ride. It is a powerful board, engineered to tackle waves with style and dominate them. Since it is designed for high performance, strapless riding, the Custom LE will appeal especially for intermediate to expert riders.

If you demand no compromise performance when riding the waves in strapless mode, the Custom LE from Naish is the board you need. The board can tackle powerful waves and perform technical moves with ease. It features a surf specific profile, that makes it easy to maneuver and quick to plane.

The board features a refined rail flow feature which assures easy edging and increased response in bottom turns. The thinned and squared off rails in the tail area boost control and grip when carving at high speeds. A high tail kick is used to provide tight and snappy turns off the lip. A deeper, single concave bottom shape ensures superior speed and a smoother drive.

The Custom LE is equipped with a thruster fin setup which makes it snappy and easy to control and enhances grip. The board is built using a PU core, complemented by a wood stringer, UD Carbon and high tensile fiberglass. It is crafted using Niash’s Armor Frame Technology which ensures superior shock resistance.