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Naish Fish 2012

Naish Fish 2012

Kiteboard Model: Fish
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Naish
Best For
Lightwind  Waveriding
Board sizes

5’6” x 22”


The 2012 directional kiteboard line introduced by Naish is quite impressive. It seems hard to believe, but the Naish team has thought at all the wave riders out there and has crafted boards to suit all of their specific needs. The Naish Fish is an amazing board. It performs outstanding in light wind conditions on both waves and flat waters. The board is fast, steady, easy to handle and fun to ride.

• Bamboo Sandwich Construction
• Excellent light wind performance
• Quad fin setup
• Premium Vario Footstraps
• Diamond Grooved Deck Pad

With the development of the Fish, Naish team has focused to take light wind waveriding to a new level. An innovative construction technology blends with top quality materials into one single board which offers performance and tons of fun out on the waves. The Fish is available in one size only, but it fits all riders and all conditions. The full outline featuring wider hips makes it very stable and reliable out on the waves.

The board feels very lively and snappy, but it is easy to control and allows the rider to perform any move without effort. It is equipped with a Honeycomb Bamboo Mesh Torsion quad fin setup which improves the grip, prevents drag and assures a sooth slide. The board features a larger surface, as well as improved flotation characteristics. These features also add stability and assure improved upwind performance.

The board is very light but durable at the same time. It is engineered using a Full Bamboo Sandwich Construction. The structure of the board is based on a light foam core wrapped in composite laminates and then again in high density foam. It is reinforced with additional composite laminates and then finished with bamboo layers and additional laminates. Besides providing a balanced strength to weight ratio, this structure provides optimal stiffness and tensile strength.

The 8 Piece Diamond Grooved Deck and the Vario Footstraps assure excellent comfort throughout the entire session. The Fish is snappy, fun, and easy to ride and redefines the concept of lightwind waveriding.