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Naish Gun 2012

Naish Gun 2012

Kiteboard Model: Gun
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Naish
Best For
Board sizes

6’ x 16½”


Naish is one of the most appreciated brands in the kiteboarding industry. Their team works hard to create top quality gear, gear which reaches the highest performance standards. The 2012 directional kiteboard line gathers six board models, each one individually crafted to suit the needs of all the riders out there. The Naish Gun is truly an impressive board. It is powerful and fast and intended to excel in high winds and strong waves. The Gun is perfectly fitted for those extreme riders looking for the ultimate waveriding thrill.

The big boys in waveriding are always looking for challenging waves and winds. To conquer those huge waves and strong winds which offer the ultimate thrill they need a reliable board. And that board is the Naish Gun. Just like the name states, the Gun is explosive and powerful. At the same time it offers outstanding control and excellent stability. With the Gun as companion, hardcore riders can venture out on the water even in stormy weather.

The board has a narrower profile and a hydrodynamic outline which permits it to cut through the chop at impressive speeds. The narrow tail provides a good power release and great acceleration. But the Gun does not offer only extreme speed and power. It also has an awesome control and it responds accurately to any command. The rider can tackle the highest waves and perform any move without effort.

The Gun is equipped with a Honeycomb Bamboo Mesh Torsion tri fin setup which provides perfect grip and optimizes the power delivery. Excellent comfort as well as optimal bond between deck and feet is provided by the Premium Vario Footstraps. The 8 Piece Diamond Grooved Deck Pad adds extra comfort. Naish has crafted the Gun using a full Carbon Sandwich construction.

Composite laminates wrap the foam core to provide a solid structure. Additional closed cell foam layers provide extra reinforcement, while the Carbon laminate layers finish the structure. This construction makes the board virtually indestructible and assures a light weight. With the Naish Gun any hardcore rider is ready for the most extreme conditions.