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Naish Haze 2009

Naish Haze 2009

Kiteboard Model: Haze
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Naish
Best For
Lightwind  Freeride
Board sizes

128 x 38 cm

132 x 39 cm

136 x 40 cm

141 x 41 cm

147 x 42 cm

135 x 44.5 cm - XL

144 x 46.5 cm - XL


Have you ever wanted a board which could help you learn the basic tricks of kiteboarding and still have it by your side after you progress and reach an advanced level? If the answer is yes, than Naish has the perfect solution for you: the Haze. Haze is a board which is easy to use and user friendly, but also packs quite some power. It is the ideal choice for beginner and advanced ktiesurfers alike. It is a great freeride board which performs outstanding in a wide range of wind and wave conditions. It is built using the best fabrics and using a new technology which offers the highest performance and quality standards.

Whenever you see the Naish logo on a kiteboard you know it went through an extensive process of research and development and it is ready to offer the highest performance. If you love freeride, the Naish team offers you a board which will redefine the way you ride: the Haze. Haze has several purposes. First it is user friendly, safe and easy to handle, so it is perfect for the beginner rider and second, it packs plenty of pop and fast, so the advanced rider can enjoy a great ride.

This is the perfect board for your first freeride cruise as well as for progression and advanced tricks. The Haze is available in several sizes, and the larger XL sizes are great lightwind boards. XL Haze boards will get you going in the lightest breeze and can support heavier riders without problems. The refined profile of the board, featuring straight tips improves tracking and makes the board very steady.

The Naish Haze packs enough pop and reaches a nice speed, but it is always stable and easy to handle. Even in overpowered situations the board performs predictable and glides smoothly. The active flex pattern generates the right amount of pop exactly when needed and makes the board extremely responsive. The board performs outstanding in both flat water and choppy waves and gives you the confidence you need to perform new moves. The new rocker line and bottom design improve the upwind and planning performance and assure a fast steering response. The board is equipped with 5.7 alloy fins which minimize the drag and increase the grip at high speeds.

The Naish Grav-D footstrap system assures the optimal bond between the rider’s feet and deck and provides top comfort. Naish Haze is built using the innovative Tip2Tip Wood core and special laminate layups. This construction makes the board very robust and light and also provides the specific active flex. The Naish Haze is always ready to offer a great freeride session, regardless of the weather conditions or the rider’s skills.