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Naish Haze 2011

Naish Haze 2011

Kiteboard Model: Haze
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Naish
Best For
Wakestyle  Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

128 x 38.0cm
132 x 39.0cm
136 x 40.0cm
141 x 41.0cm
147 x 42.0cm
135 x 44.5cm
144 x 46.5cm


When it has come up with the new 2011 kiteboard lineup, Naish knew that all riders will appreciate the new models and will love to ride them. That is because their team has put a lot of work and effort in the development of the new models to make sure they will offer outstanding performance. The 2011 Haze is such a high performance board, and it successfully blends power and speed with maneuverability and user friendly features.

This unique combination makes the Haze perfect for any rider, advanced and beginner alike, and offers top efficiency for more than one riding style. The hardcore freerider and freestyler will love the extra pop, while beginner and casual rides will definitely like the easy handling and stability of the board. In a few words, the Naish Haze has all it takes to make all riders happy.

In the development of the 2011 kiteboard line, Naish has paid attention to the successful patterns of the previous models, and has used the ultimate technology to make sure that the new boards will win the appreciation of any rider out there. The new Haze is constructed with usability and efficiency in mind, and it targets all riders, regardless of their skill level. The board is forgiving and easy to use by beginner ones and has enough power and speed to satisfy the demands of a hardcore one. A new smoother outline and parallel rails in the middle area assure a smooth and fast glide through the waves.

At the same time, the improved lower rocker and the smoother flex structure significantly increase the maneuverability and offer the rider a direct and very responsive control. The board has a nice floatability and a hydrodynamic shape, so it is quite agile, but very stable at the same time. A slightly increased curve in the tip area allows the rider to tackle any wave without effort and increases the steering response. The rider can experience fast turns and high jumps, run at high speeds and basically perform any move he wishes safe and easy. The board feels stable and reliable and offers top comfort throughout the entire ride. Whether you like freestyle, freeride or just enjoy a nice relaxing cruise, the Naish Haze will meet all your needs. Naish has used the innovative Freeride Performance design in the development of the board, to make sure that is very forgiving and easy to handle in all conditions.

The board features a wood core and laminate fabrics structure which assure an optimal strength to weight ratio. The tensile strength of the board is well balanced by the Active Flex construction technology. The Haze is available in 128 x 38cm up to 144 x 46.5cm sizes and performs great with the Fusion Strap footstrap - footpad binding system.