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Naish Haze 2012

Naish Haze 2012

Kiteboard Model: Haze
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Naish
Best For
Board sizes

135 x 41 cm

140 x 42 cm

145 x 43 cm

XL 138 x 45 cm


Naish boards offer top performance and quality. Each board is individually crafted to suit the needs and styles of any rider out there. From Pro riders to casual ones, each of them can find the perfect board to experience a great session. Naish Haze is a board intended to offer both fun and thrill. It is user friendly, yet quite powerful and fast. The board is the perfect choice for all round freeride.

• Single Concave Bottom Design
• Full Rocker
• 3D FR Bottom Shape
• All round Performance
• Full Wood Core
• Bi Axial and UD Glass Laminates

Kiteboarding is not always about extreme performance. It is about having fun too. And the Naish Haze blends these two aspects of kiteboarding. It is quite a powerful and fast board, but the main characteristic of the board is its user friendliness. The Haze is the perfect all round freeride board intended to suit both experienced and beginner riders.

The moderate parallel outline combines with the progressive curved profile of the tips make it easy to handle in any wind or wave conditions. The board is engineered to deliver enough power, pop and speed for advanced riders, but it is also very stable and easy to control. Beginner and casual riders can have tons of fun with the Haze.

The board uses the innovative Optimized Response Flex developed by Naish to provide a soft flex under light loads and stiffer flex under heavier loads, and to retain direct energy transfer between rider and board. The flex pattern works together with the board outline and the full rocker to assure a smooth and fast glide. The Haze features the 3D FR bottom shape, based on a single concave design combined with quadruple channels. This shape provides improved tracking, improved grip and nice edging. The board delivers a balanced power and it feels very steady in all conditions. The rider can enjoy a smooth ride or perform nice tricks without any effort.

Naish has constructed the board using a full Wood core and Bi Axial and UD Glass laminates. This structure generates the perfect all round freeride flex pattern and assures optimal balance between weight and strength.