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Naish Hero 2015

Naish Hero 2015

Kiteboard Model: Hero
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Naish
Best For
Board sizes

135x42 cm

140x43 cm

145x43.5 cm


The Hero twin tip from Naish is designed to accommodate all riders and offer them all-round, reliable freeride performance. It is a board that allows casual riders have fun out on the water and progress fast. As the guys at Naish say, it is the ideal user-friendly freeride board. It excels in real world conditions and is easy to handle at all times.

The Naish Hero is an extremely user friendly board that can help you progress fast and offers you a fun and exciting ride at all times. It is designed to provide a forgiving ride and on-demand control. It features a fuller hip outline which ensures quick early planing performance and excellent control.

The high flex pattern is perfect for low to medium speed riding and makes the board forgiving in chop or any other conditions. The thin, 3D step rails provide a solid grip and better edging control. The moderately parallel rails with a progressive curve at the tips enhance edging control.

The Hero features a 3 stage rocker which enhances the board’s upwind and early planing abilities and provides very good control and back foot directional stability. The torsion laminate technology ensures flex control at key areas for superior control. A single concave bottom shape provides grip, stability and a clean and smooth glide. The Hero is built using a pop wood core plus torsion laminate layups and impact reinforcement zones.