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Naish Orbit 2015

Naish Orbit 2015

Kiteboard Model: Orbit
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Naish
Best For
Board sizes

152 x 45 cm

162 x 46 cm


The Orbit is designed for the players who like to play in light winds. It is a board that turns light breezes into pure fun and action. This light wind freeride twin tip provides you with the power, speed and control you need to have fun in the most marginal winds you encounter. It is also a very user friendly board and can accommodate casual or seasoned riders alike.

With the Naish Orbit you can dominate light winds and have fun like never before. This board really takes advantage of the lightest breeze to deliver lively performance. It features a large surface shape, with slightly concave hips and batwing shaped tips. This profile ensures superior early planing performance and makes it very stable. The flatter rocker ensures a fast glide and superior upwind tracking.

A responsive, low flex is use to make the board forgiving and easy to handle al low and medium speeds. A 3 stage rocker is used to ensure low drag early planing performance and a balanced power. The double concave bottom shape ensures a clean and smooth glide, while the slick, 3D step rails improve edging performance and grip.

A special, angled heel-side center fin is used for superior upwind performance and a playful ride. The Orbit is built using a supreme pop wood core, high tensile grade laminates, a full carbon top and bottom and impact reinforcement zones.