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Naish Raskal 2012

Naish Raskal 2012

Kiteboard Model: Raskal
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Naish
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle
Board sizes

124 x 35 cm

130 x 38 cm


Naish is one of the most prestigious brands in the kiteboarding industry. Every piece of equipment designed by Naish offers top quality and performance. The Raskal board was developed to suit light weight talented freeriders. The board borrows some features from the momentum, like the bottom design, but it is engineered especially for light weight sailors, like girls or young men. Apart from excellent freeride performance, the Naish Raskal also offers great freestyle efficiency.

The 2012 Naish kiteboard lineup introduces a few new twin tip board models, like the Money Shot, Arcade and Raskal. The Raskal board is a very efficient freeride board dedicated to lighter riders. It blends power and speed with unmatched control and stability and it is also fun to ride. The Raskal is a great choice for young riders of for girls who love a nice freeride or even freestyle session.

The board has a compact shape and a narrower outline, features which make it very dynamic. The idea behind the Raskal was not to scale down a board for adults, but craft a specific board to suit the needs of lighter riders. The bottom shape is specifically optimized for freeride. It features a single concave design complemented by quadruple channels. This shape provides effortless edging, a nice grip and improved tracking. The board’s outline and flex pattern are carefully optimized to suit the needs of a light rider.

The Raskal features the Naish Optimized Response Flex Technology which provides a soft flex under light loads and stiffer flex under heavier loads, to retain direct energy transfer between rider and board. The full rocker line assures a smooth and fast glide and improves overall control as well as the cruise speed.

The board is constructed using a Paulownia Wood core combined with Bi Axial and UD Glass Laminates. This construction assures the optimal strength to weight ratio and generates the perfect flex pattern for the input of a lighter rider. The Naish Raskal blends speed and power with control and user friendly features. It is perfect for freeride, but also for some nice freestyle tricks.