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Naish Skater 2015

Naish Skater 2015

Kiteboard Model: Skater
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Naish
Best For
Freeride  Waveriding
Board sizes





The Skater is a playful and easy to handle wave and freeride board that can accommodate beginner to advanced riders with ease. For the 2015 season, it comes with a redesigned, modern shape that makes it even more user friendly and ensures a cool strapped or strapless experience. It is a board that runs very well in a broad range of conditions.

The Naish Skater opens a new dimension of directional or strapless riding and versatile freeride and waveriding performance. The outline and length have been finely tuned for optimal control and balance. The fuller hips and W shaped tips ensure quick planing performance and excellent control in all conditions.

The compact profile also ensures superior maneuverability and makes the board easy to throw around. The parallel outlines provide better stability and makes the ride smoother in chop. A double concave center section offers easy rail to rail transitions and provides smooth landings. The thinner rails in the tail area provide perfect grip. Triple channels are used to increase the flow to fins and further enhance grip.

Special rail dents on deck provide optimized flex characteristics and easier grab and handle performance. The Skater features a thruster fin setup that makes it snappy and easy to control. It is built using a Honeycomb Impact Cell structure which provides superior impact durability and makes the board light.