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Naish Sol 2009140 x 41.5 cm

Naish Sol 2009

Kiteboard Model: Sol
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Naish
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The kiteboard which can perform outstanding on all terrain conditions is no longer a myth. Naish has made sure of that when it has crafted the 2009 Sol. The board is engineered using an innovative technology and the best composites to offer top performance and quality. And this board has much more to offer. It performs great in a wide range of conditions and it can be used by any rider. The perfect balance between speed, pop and control make it one of the most successful kiteboards ever. If you are looking for top performance as well as fort fun and relaxation, the Naish Sol is the perfect board for you.

Naish is one of the most acclaimed and popular kiteboarding brands today. The quality Naish products offer is well known worldwide. For 2009 the Naish team has come up with an impressive kiteboard lineup. Each board model is carefully crafted and tuned to suit the needs of the most demanding riders. If you ever wanted a board which performs great on all terrains you should take a look at the Naish Sol.

The board has a hydrodynamic shape, featuring a rounded outline. This profile assures a fast and smooth glide and generates extra pop when needed. The board packs plenty of power for the hardcore rider, but it is easy to handle and fun to ride. It has a balanced flex which generates quite some pop and improves the overall control. The rider can experience high jumps and lifts as well as smooth landings.

All the vibrations and shocks are absorbed to maximize comfort and prevent knee injuries. A new rocker line improves the acceleration, top speed and upwind abilities, while the bottom shape makes the board incredible stable. The board is equipped with 5.7 cm alloy fins which minimize drag and assure a good grip at fast speeds and in tight bottom turns. The board also offers smooth edge to edge transitions and it holds a constant speed throughout the entire ride.

The Grav-D footstrap system provides a optimal connection between the rider’s feet and deck and maximizes comfort. Naish has constructed the Sol using a full wood core and HP-2 laminate layups. This structure generates the balanced flex pattern needed for good all terrain performance and assures an optimal strength to weight ratio. The boar can be used by both advanced and less experienced riders. It is fast and powerful, but user friendly and safe at the same time. The great thing about the Naish Sol is that no wave is too small or too big for it. It offers a great ride in all conditions.