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Naish Thorn CC 2011

Naish Thorn CC 2011

Kiteboard Model: Thorn CC
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Naish
Best For
Wakestyle  Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

128 x 38.0cm
130 x 39.0cm
132 x 40.0cm
134 x 41.0cm
136 x 42.0cm


The Naish Thorn CC is really a very impressive board. Just take into consideration that pro rider Kevin Langeree has become the 2009 PKRA World Champion riding the 2010 Thorn CC model. Who would not love a board that makes champions? Since the board was so successful, the Naish team continues the Thorn legacy in 2011 with yet another high performance model. The new 2011 Naish Thorn is enhanced to offer even more power and pop and it is here to take freestyle to a whole new dimension. The board is recommended for the intermediate and advanced riders, and besides freestyles, it performs really great at freeride and wakestyle.

The new 2011 Naish Thorn CC kiteboard follows the steps of the 2010 model, and offers plenty of pop and control, with several improvements which increase overall efficiency. Naish has used refined parallel outlines and a low rocker line to assure extra grip and enhanced control in any wave and wind conditions. The board delivers impressive power, but at the same time it allows the rider to perform any move with little or no effort at all, and without losing grip and control even for a second. The wider tips increase the board’s stability and assure a responsive steering through the waves.

The Naish team has optimized the frame tension of the board by using a wood core and bottom laminate fabrics for the Thorn CC. Extra flexibility towards the tip is assured by a carbon structure. The new Optimized Response Flex technology used by Naish allows the board to provide positive feedback to any command, and optimize the weight pressure. The manufacturer has also improved the upwind, downwind, jumping and acceleration capabilities of the board, to make sure that it will meet the demands of the hardcore riders. The overall performance of the board is increased by the use of the Pro Power Performance design developed by Naish. Powerful, fast and with an enhanced control, the Naish Thorn CC is just any rider needs to excel at freestyle and freeride. It is quite an aggressive board, but it offers a smooth and comfortable ride. It is a perfect board for the advanced riders looking for an extreme session or for the intermediate ones who demand more power.

The Naish Thorn CC is available in five sizes, from 128 x 38.0cm to 136 x 42.0cm and it is best used with the Fusion Straps, which offer extra grip, improved cushioning, shock absorption and plenty of comfort.