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Naish Wakeskate 2011

Naish Wakeskate 2011

Kiteboard Model: Wakeskate
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Naish
Board sizes

115 x 42 cm


Naish is one of the most acclaimed kiteboarding manufacturers today. That is because their team puts a lot of effort and passion in the process of research and development of any new piece of equipment. As kiteboarding gathers more and more fans, and becomes a worldwide enjoyed extreme sport, the needs of the riders become more and more demanding as well. The Wakeskate board is the new addition to the 2011 kiteboard line and it is enhanced to offer no compromise performance in any weather conditions.

Naish has used a new technology in the development of this board to make sure that it suits any rider and offers extra all round efficiency. Although it excels at freeride, the board performs great for freestyle, wakestyle, or any other style the rider wishes to practice.

When it has designed the 2011 Wakeskate, Naish team has focused on usability and all round performance. They wanted to create a board that performs great for any rider and regardless of the wind and wave conditions. The result is a unique riding machine that offers plenty of power for the hardcore rider and it is easy to handle and to use by the beginner and intermediate one.

Pop, acceleration, stability, speed and control successfully mix into the Wakeskate. The board features a compact and hydrodynamic shape which provides a smooth and drag free glide. The refined outlines allow the rider to tackle any wave and perform fast turns and rotations easy and without any effort. A great thing about the Naish Wakeskate is that it will get you running pretty fast even when the other riders sit on the beach and hope for the wind to pick up. And if the wind picks up and gets stronger there is no need to change the board, because the Wakeskate will perform outstanding in any wind conditions. The beginner and intermediate riders can enjoy a smooth and nice session, while advanced ones can perform extreme tricks or progression moves. The board has a very responsive and accurate control, and provides positive feedback at any command. The enhanced rails and rocker provide sufficient pop for high jumps, early planning or extra lift, and allow the rider to express himself out on the water just the way he wants.

Naish has built the board on a new technology. It has used different density horizontal laminated wood plies to assure optimal tensile strength and flex. At the same time this structure assures a lightweight construction as well as extra durability. With the new Naish Wakeskate you will definitely take your skills to the next level.