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Newind Freerace 2013

Newind Freerace 2013

Kiteboard Model: Freerace
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Newind
Best For
Freeride  Racing
Board sizes



The Freerace kiteboard from Italian brand Newind combines the performance of a racing board with the comfort and maneuverability of a freeride twin tip. It is designed for the casual racer and for the rider that loves racing and slalom and wants to progress. It is a board that runs great in flat waters, but is able to excel in chop or other conditions too.

With the Newind Freerace you can discover the fun in racing without much effort. It is a board that can accommodate advanced and less experienced riders and can handle various conditions without fuss. The Freerace kiteboard features a race specific shape, with a wider outline and wider, rounded nose and a slightly angled cut tail.

This shape seems inspired from the design of the windsurfing racing boards, and it is very efficient. It makes it very quick to plane and ensures quick acceleration and a consistent top speed. The wider profile and the optimal volume distribution also provide superior upwind performance. The board is able to speed both upwind and downwind with style. A fast rocker is used to enhance acceleration and upwind speed.

The bottom concave shape assures a smooth and clean flow for an optimal glide. It also makes the board stable and maneuverable. Overall, the Newind Freerace is a forgiving, yet efficient all-round racing kiteboard. The board comes in a very elegant custom Carbon finish.