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Nobile 2HD 2014

Nobile 2HD 2014

Kiteboard Model: 2HD
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Nobile
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Board sizes

131x42 cm

134x42,5 cm

137x43 cm


The new 2014 2HD is designed to offer you unmatched freeride performance. It provides you with awesome speed and control and it is the fastest board in the 2014 Nobile twin tip range. It is a board built for demanding riders, but which can also accommodate intermediate ones that love to push their skills to a new level and enjoy the thrill of a freeride-focused session.

With the Nobile 2HD extreme freeriders can feel right at home out on the water. This is a super fast board, engineered to deliver performance and comfort. The freeride specific shape featuring a straighter outline, makes it fast, quick to plane and easy to drive upwind. A new rail profile improves carving abilities, while a fast rocker line provides you with enhanced speed and acceleration.

A special tip outline makes the board predictable when landing and minimizes spray. The 2HD features a stiff, but comfortable flex pattern which balances the power, provides good pop and makes the ride smooth in chop. The Pop Grower technology, based on the W shape of the tips provides explosive pop when needed.

Nobile has built the 2HD using a Paulownia wood core wrapped in triaxial glass fiber and honeycomb layers. This structure generates variable flex zones to maximize overall comfort and performance and eliminates vibrations to ensure a comfortable ride and a superior grip. The pre-stress technology used when designing the board assures bomb proof durability and makes the board very precise.