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Nobile 50 Fifty 2011

Nobile 50 Fifty 2011

Kiteboard Model: 50 Fifty
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Nobile
Best For
Wakestyle  Freestyle
Board sizes

139x40 cm
140x41 cm
141x43 cm


Nobile is one of the most acclaimed kiteboarding gear manufacturers today. If you take any board or kite for a ride or if you try any accessory produced by Nobile you will be impressed by the high quality and performance it offers. As freestyle becomes a very popular kiteboarding discipline, the experienced riders demand a powerful and efficient board to suit their needs.

The new 50 Fifty was created by Nobile to do exactly that. It packs super power, it is fast and has an awesome control in all wave conditions. The board is constructed using the latest technology and the finest materials, so it meets the highest performance and quality standards. If you love freestyle, and especially new school freestyle, this is the perfect board for you.

Nobile 50 Fifty is a board which has made history in the world of freestyle kiteboarding. The board had the power and control to allow riders experience the ultimate thrill out on the waves. For 2011 Nobile continues the 50 Fifty legacy with another extraordinary version. It has the features which made the previous model excel at this discipline, but it features new tricks which make it even better. The 2011 50 Fifty is designed by the Nobile team of professionals together with pro rider and champ Mike “The Knife” Blomvall, who would settle for nothing less than performance close to perfection.

The board also has excellent wakestyle potential, and responds very well at high speed or in big wind conditions. It has plenty of pop and can become quite aggressive, so it is not the most suitable board for a novice. Instead, the advanced or hardcore rider will love the increased hangtime, high jumps and high speeds it reaches. The new rocker with center board radius provides excellent upwind and acceleration performance, while the solid rails assure optimal control and increased steering response.

The board is not only powerful and accurate, but also very comfortable. It has an increased flex, so it responds nice to any command, and features a new CAV or Complete Anti Vibration technology. This technology assures optimal grip and effortless control. At the same time there are no shock resulted from landing or wave smashes affects the rider. The bottom is enhanced by the Elliptical Progressive Concave design, developed by Nobile to make the board have excellent stability and progressive power delivery.

The 3D construction technology spreads the flex longitudinally and laterally for optimal response and effortless handling. Nobile 50 Fifty uses smaller fins which allow the board offer a looser feeling and are connected through special Fin Shims systems.  Nobile has constructed the 50 Fifty on a 100% wood core. This way the board has a perfect strength to weight ratio, is flexible and prevents vibrations. The board is available in three sizes and for maximum comfort it should be used with the IFS Pro footstraps.