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Nobile NBL 2011

Nobile NBL 2011

Kiteboard Model: NBL
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Nobile
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Board sizes

130x38 cm
134x39 cm
138x40,5 cm
142x42 cm


The 2011 Nobile kiteboard lineup is extensive and impressive. Their team has put a lot of work and passion in the development of the new board models, to make sure they will meet the highest performance standards and will suit all the riders out there, from hardcore and pro ones to beginner and intermediate ones. The NBL is dedicated to the second category and it is very efficient when it comes to freeride. It is a top quality board, yet it is affordable and guaranteed to offer fun and versatility. The board packs enough power and reaches nice speeds, but it is very forgiving and can be used easily by anyone.

• Full Wood Core
• Dynamic Asymmetrical Outline
• Human Concept
• Elliptical Progressive Concave
• Increases stability
• Increased upwind performance
• UV protection

Nobile knows that not everyone is a pro and extreme rider. There are a lot of people who love kiteboarding and have decent skill, but just love to enjoy a recreational cruise or perhaps progress. The NBL is especially designed for them, and, much more than that, it comes at a very decent price. It is constructed using top technology and the finest materials, it meets the highest performance and quality standards, and offers excellent freeride performance.

It can be used in most wind and wave conditions, it is easy to handle, it reaches nice speeds and has enough power and pop. The board is based on the Human Concept technology developed by Nobile, which assures that the performance of the board meets the specific requirements of the rider’s body. The board has an ergonomic shape and features the innovative Dynamic Asymmetrical Outline technology. This profile provides extra pop, increased upwind potential and maximizes the grip.

The Elliptical Progressive Concave used by Nobile and based on flat and concave combined bottom design assures optimal comfort and maximizes rail grip and early planning capabilities of the board.  A wider stance option provides extra comfort and spreads the load proportionally on the board deck to optimize stability. The board can tackle any wave with minimum effort from the rider and feels very agile. It can perform nice jumps and reaches decent speeds, but the great thing about it is that it is easy to use and offers a direct and accurate control in any situation. It is a great freeride board for any rider and any wind and wave conditions.

Nobile has constructed the NBL on a Wood Core structure to make sure it is light and durable. At the same time, this construction provides optimal flex and accurate response. The board is practically vibration and shock free, and any rider can enjoy a perfect freeride session on it. It is really the complete solution for all beginners to advanced riders out there.