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Nobile NHP 2011

Nobile NHP 2011

Kiteboard Model: NHP
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Nobile
Best For
Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

125x38 cm
128x39 cm
131x40 cm
134x42 cm
137x44 cm


If you love freestyle and love to perform extreme tricks out on the waves you need a good freestyle board. The NHP from Nobile is just what you are looking for, considering it packs speed, pop, control and efficiency. The board is also great for the rider looking for freeride performance and needs velocity and comfort. Nobile has used the latest technology and the finest fabrics to make sure that the NHP meets the highest quality and performance standards and is ready to take freestyle to a whole new level. It is the board of choice for the pro and advanced rider who loves good wave action.

• Extra pop
• Increased edge grip
• Anti Vibration technology
• 3D construction
• Asymmetrical outline
• Increased upwind performance

Freestyle is perhaps one of the most demanding kiteboarding disciplines. It requires precision, accuracy fast reflexes and of course competitive gear. Nobile knows that and has released the new NHP board especially to suit the needs of the pro and experienced freestyle riders. The board can very well be used with the NHP V2.0 kite, also designed for optimal freestyle efficiency.

The board is solid, has great power and speeds up like a rocket. It can also be used by riders who love fast freerides. The board features a compact and hydrodynamic shape, combined with a refined asymmetrical outline. This innovative profile is based on the Human Concept developed by Nobile and intended to blend the gear performance with the specific rider needs.

The NHP sprints smoothly and fast across the water and allows the rider to tackle any wave without effort. The board is constructed on a 3D technology, which spreads the flex proportionally both longitudinally and laterally. This way the board has an increased response, it is flexible and has increased torsion strength. The boards is constructed on a HoneyComb structure, which in intended to reduce weight, increase durability and provides extra pop as well as flex response. The Complete Antivibration technology used by Nobile assures that the board has high flex response at high speeds, but does not lose grip or stability. The fast rocker line concentrates the radius towards the center of the board, making it extremely hydrodynamic. It runs smoothly, it has good acceleration and provides the perfect boost to get you airborne.

Planning and upwind abilities are also enhanced, to provide the rider with the perfect platform for extreme freestyle tricks. The fins are connected onto the board with Fin Shims systems, which assure a solid connection. The Nobile HNP features wider stance positions, so the rider weigh is spread proportionally and the stability is optimal. With the NHP any rider who loves freestyle and has decent skills can perform high jumps, and lifts, experience smooth and predictable landings or enjoy a fast, thrilling freeride session.