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Nobile NHP 2014

Nobile NHP 2014

Kiteboard Model: NHP
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Nobile
Best For
Board sizes

128x39 cm

131x40 cm

134x42 cm

137x44 cm


The NHP is one of the best all-round freestyle board today, and one of Nobile best selling products. The reason for which is such a popular board is that it is perfectly blends power with control, comfort and ease of use. At the same time the NHP is easy to ride in all sorts of conditions, including gusts and chop. It delivers no compromise freestyle performance, yet it is easy to handle and forgiving.

With the new NHP you can perform the most advanced technical freestyle tricks or progress with ease. This board is crafted to accommodate all riders and offer them a fun and exciting session. It rides well in all conditions and it feels reliable all the time.

It features Nobile’s Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape, intended to work in harmony with your body. The outline is tailored to provide more grip, better upwind performance and maximum pop. The curve radius is increased on the weaker toeside to enhance carving ability and decrease the pressure you need to apply to hold the edge.

The Elliptical Progressive Concave bottom design, based on a flat tail area and a concave center section, improves early planning and stability. It also makes the ride much smoother. A hydrodynamic rocker is used to boost speed and acceleration, while also reducing drag. The board is designed using a special pre-stress technology that allows for a thinner and lighter structure that is extremely durable.

Nobile has built the NHP using a Paulownia wood core wrapped in triaxial glass fiber and honeycomb layers plus Carbon and Kevlar stringers. This construction determines variable flex zones to enhance comfort and assures vibration dampening for a smooth glide. It makes the board faster and enhances grip too.