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Nobile NHP WMN 2011

Nobile NHP WMN 2011

Kiteboard Model: NHP WMN
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Nobile
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Board sizes

125x38 cm
128x39 cm
131x40 cm


The NHP is a great freestyle board. It has everything it needs to take this style to a whole new level. But Nobile knows that not only men love kiteboarding and freestyle. There are many ladies who practice kiteboarding and freestyle and have impressive performance. Especially for them, Nobile has created the NHP WMN, a board perfectly suited for the needs of women. It is lighter and needs practically no effort to control, but it is intended for the female riders who have a bit of experience and quite advanced riding skills. The board is fast and powerful and it is great for competitions. It can be used in light winds, but it really performs exceptionally in big winds.

The Nobile NHP WMN is a board which went through an extensive process of research and development. It is constructed to meet the highest quality and performance standards, but, much more important than that, it is built especially for the girls who love freestyle. The NHP WMN was designed by the Nobile team together with pro rider and PKRA pro-tour winner Asia Litwin, who knows exactly what a board should deliver in terms of performance. It has a similar construction pattern as the standard WMN, but apart from the “girly” colors, it is designed according to the specific needs of women.

It has a softer flex, it requires less effort to handle, it is lighter and it has narrower stance options to provide extra versatility and comfort. The ergonomic profile and refined outlines assure a smooth and fast glide. The profile is enhanced by the Dynamic Asymmetrical outline, based on the Human Concept Technology developed by Nobile. This technology assures that the performance of the board is in close relation with the specific demands of the rider’s body.  The board uses a 3D construction technology, which spreads the flex proportionally both longitudinally and laterally. This way the board is flexible and has increased torsion strength as well as extra response.

A hydrodynamic rocker line improves the planning, acceleration and upwind performance significantly and reduces spray at the same time. For extra comfort and efficiency the board features a Complete Antivibration (CAV) concept. The board has high flex response at high speeds, but does not lose edge grip or stability. The board is enhanced by an Elliptical Progressive concave bottom design, intended to maximize grip and stability and provide optimal power release.

The Nobile NHP WMN is constructed on a HoneyComb structure, which in intended to reduce weight, increase durability and provides extra pop as well as flex response. Fast, powerful, accurate and precise, the NHP WMN is the perfect weapon for the performance oriented women freestylers.