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North Spike 2011

North Spike 2011

Kiteboard Model: Spike
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: North
Best For
Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

141 x 44.5cm
153 x 46.5cm
163 x 46.5cm


The 2011 North Spike has hit the market after an extensive process of research and development. Actually all North boards are carefully crafted to offer top efficiency, but the Spike has been enhanced to assure extra performance when the wind barely blows. It is a great board for light wind freestyle and freeride or just for relaxation cruising. The board packs enough power to satisfy the extreme needs of the hardcore riders, but it is forgiving and very easy to use by the beginner riders at the same time. Wind or no wind, the twin tip Spike will make every session worth your while.

• Various foot straps positions
• Shock and abrasion protection
• Includes grab handle
• Enhanced with the latest technology
• All-round freeride performance
• G10 S-bend fins

As freeride tends to become one of the most appreciated kiteboarding styles today, the needs of the freeriders become more and more demanding. Some of them look for an easy to use board to progress their skills, others have reached an advanced level and need extra power for extreme tricks, but they all have something in common: they wish to reach the highest level of performance.

The new Spike by North is here to grant them this wish, and offer them even more.  The Spike is not only a highly efficient freeride board, but it is enhanced to get you running when all the other riders sit on the beach and hope for the wind to pick up. The board packs additional volume and has a wider profile, so it takes maximum advantage of the lightest wind blow to power up and assures a fast glide. And if the wind gets stronger, there is no problem, because the Spike remains reliable and offers unaltered performance. The slick profile and optimized outline of the board allow it to run really fast in under eight knots wind speed. At the same time the board has plenty of pop and offers nice jumps and extra hangtime. The Spike has also been enhanced with excellent upwind and early planning abilities. At the same time it has a very responsive and accurate control and it is very stable. The soft flex combined with the G10 S-bend fins provide a nice power boost, and increase the steering and grip at the same time. North has used rounded rails on the Spike, to make sure that it offers a very smooth glide, and the rider can perform any move easy and safe, and without worrying about losing control. The new Flex Tips minimize and absorb the wave impact shock, to assure a very comfortable session. Extra comfort is assured by the soft and easy to adjust 3D Vario footstraps.

The North Spike is built on a wood sandwich structure which balances very well the weight to strength ratio and increases overall performance. If the wind is light, but you feel the need to express yourself out on the waves, grab the North Spike and you will have an excellent freeride session.