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North Whip 2011

North Whip 2011

Kiteboard Model: Whip
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: North
Best For
Waveriding  Freeride
Board sizes

5'5" x 18.0" x 2.0"- 3.3kg
5'7" x 18.6" x 2.1"- 3.3kg


The 2011 directional board series developed by North is really impressive. The boards are engineered using the latest technology and only top quality composites and are enhanced to offer performance close to perfection. If you love freeride and wave riding than you definitely must try the new Whip. This board is so lively, and blends power and control in a unique way which is guaranteed to offer you an unmatched experience. The board is both powerful and user friendly, so it is a great choice for beginner and advanced riders alike. The wider and more compact profile allows the board to sprint fast and smooth in all wave and wind conditions. It runs fast, it turns fast, it jumps high, it has all it takes for freeride and wave riding in just a few words.

• Improved light wind performance
• Improved early planning performance
• Improved jibbing ability
• Quad fin setup
• Fast rail to rail transition
• Traction tail + foot pad

If you are looking for a board which performs great at wave riding and outstanding at freeride, look no more, because the new North Whip has arrived. North Has made sure that the board mixes power, speed and maneuverability to perform excellent at both styles. At the same time, the Whip is forgiving and user friendly so it can be used without any problems by any rider, regardless of skill level.

The board features an ergonomic and refined profile which allows the rider to tackle any wave without effort and experience a fast and smooth glide. The diamond shaped tail provides optimized power release, so the board can perform nice jumps and lifts. At the same time, North has improved the acceleration and early planning abilities of the Whip in light wind and small wave conditions. The quad fin setup also improves the speed and power and provides extra grip. The lower rocker enhances the top speed and provides extra power for the hardcore rider. He can perform any move and trick easy and without effort. The board turns fast, and jumps quite high, but it is reliable and stable the whole time due to the full rail lines. The single concave bottom design improves the grip and steering and assures extra stability. The North Whip will get you running pretty fast when the wind barely blows, and if the wind gets stronger it offers the same uncompromised performance. At the same time, the rider can use the board strapless or strapped, depending on his choice and skills.

Powerful, yet forgiving, the North Whip is a great entry level wave riding board which performs great at freeride also, and can be used even by experienced riders looking for a smooth session. The North team has balanced very well the weight to strength ratio, and the Whip is strong and light at the same time.