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Ocean Rodeo Mako Freeride 2011

Ocean Rodeo Mako Freeride 2011

Kiteboard Model: Mako Freeride
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Ocean Rodeo
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Board sizes

Mako Mini 130x35 cm
Mako 140x40 cm
Mako 150x40 cm
Mako King 165x45 cm


The 2011 kiteboard lineup offered by Ocean Rode is really impressive. Their team has used the latest technology and the fines fabrics, and has put a lot of work and passion in the research and development of the 2011 models. When you think at Ocean Rodeo, at kiteboarding and at freeride style, than you definitely think at the Mako Freeride board. The previous versions of the Mako were a hit and all freeriders loved the way it performed out on the waves. The 2011 model offers the same outstanding freeride performance, but it is tweaked for extra efficiency. The board is available in four models, to suit all types of riders, regardless of weight.

• Increased flex response
• Soft and easy to adjust Velcro footstraps
• 18mm Concave bottom design
• Extra robust – snowboard style built durability
• Includes grab handle
• Extra carving performance

The Ocean Rodeo Mako Freeride has proved as an excellent freeride platform since the first version of this board has been releases some years ago. The Ocean Rodeo team seems to have found the secret to successfully blend power and speed with extra maneuverability into one freeride machine. The 2011 model continues the legacy and takes freeride to a whole new dimension.

The board is available in four sizes, the 130x35cm model or the Mini, the 140x40cm and 150x40cm, and last, but not least, the 165x45cm model or the King. The Mini is perfect for a lighter rider and suits perfectly even kids who love this sport and style, while the King can support a heavier rider, and it is very easy to power up in light winds due to the extra surface and volume. The two middle sized models can be customized with a regular or mutant twin tip shape, depending on the rider’s choice. The ergonomic profile, combined with the rounded tip shape allows the board to be very agile and offer a very smooth and fast ride. The rider can tackle any wave without effort and with minimum impact force. The board absorbes any shock for extra comfort and stability. The Ocean Rodeo Mako Freeride ofefrs plenty of pop and the rider can enjoy nice jumps and lifts and incredible carves very easy. The enhanced rocker and rails provide extra stability and a perfect power release. At the same time, the concave bottom design makes the board very stable in high waves and also increases the grip. No matter how fast he rides, or what tricks he performs, the rider has a very responsive and direct control, and receives only positive feedback at any command. 

Ocean Rodeo has built the Mako Freeride on a wood core structure and high quality laminates to make sure it is light, but extra durable at the same time. This construction also balances the tensile strength and maximizes the flex response. Extra comfort throughout all the session is provided by the 3D EVA foot pads and the easy adjustable Velcro footstraps. With the 2011 Ocean Rodeo Mako Freeride, you can really give a new meaning to all your freeride experiences.

Ocean Rodeo Mako Freeride 2011 Average Rating: 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Ocean Rodeo Mako Freeride 2011 Reviewed on Sep 4th 2012
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

The Mako rules. I wanted a board that would soak up chop and carve, while still having some pop. The Mako is dead on. I'm a progressing intermediate and this board has allowed me to advance much faster than I could have expected. Everything is ea...more