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Cabrinha Pete Cabrinha Signature 2013

Pete Cabrinha Signature 2013

Kiteboard Model: Signature
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Cabrinha
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The Pete Cabrinha Signature is the flagship model of the 2013 surfboard range by Cabrinha. As you have probably figured out, this is Pete’s favorite board. The board offers exquisite performance in medium and big waves and it perfectly fits the power drive rider. It is the board of choice for the dynamic rider who loves a dynamic ride.

The Pete Cabrinha Signature is perhaps one of the most efficient and reliable surfboard in medium and big wave conditions. The board is crafted with focus the needs of the experienced rider who loves a powered up drive. The Signature features a pure surf construction without inserts or straps. This means that it can be used for kitesurfing as well as for surfing.

The board offers a generous amount of flex and response and feels very lively. It can easily be driven in waves and responds accurately to any input. As a dedicated strapless board, the Signature can handle most wave conditions with ease. It can charge big and medium waves without effort and generates optimal power. It can also be fitted into pockets and has an awesome carving and turning performance. The Pete Cabrinha Signature board is crafted using Cabrinha’s special Signature technology.

The board is built using a light PU core with a stringer complemented by a light weight polyester glass and polyester resin wrapping. Special metallic treatment is applied on the rails. This construction makes the board lively and responsive and assures an optimally tuned flex for performance. The Cabrinha Pete Cabrinha Signature comes with custom cut traction pad with tail kick and custom cut EVA front pod pads plus four progressive flex fins.