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RRD BS45 Pro 2014

RRD BS45 Pro 2014

Kiteboard Model: BS45 Pro
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: RRD
Best For
Board sizes

45x145 cm


When the winds are not by your side and it feels like they barely power your kite, it’s time to turn to a special weapon: the RRD BS45 Pro. This board is designed for the dynamic rider who won’t let light winds stand between him and a perfect session. The BS45 Pro packs some serious freestyle potential compared to other light wind boards.

The RRD BS45 Pro is much more than a simple light wind board. It is more a freestyle board that performs great in marginal winds. It is designed for the rider that wants to enjoy a nice thrill performing cool tricks when the wind barely reaches 10 knots. It has a special flex pattern which generates good pop so you can easily take off and throw cool tricks.

The wider profile and longer outline assures impressive early planing and upwind performance, plus increased directional stability. The tips feature a rounder, slightly concave profile that minimizes spray and assures predictable landings. The RRD BS45 Pro sports a more curved scoop rocker and a deeper concave bottom. These features make the board slightly slower, but significantly boost its pop and assure better maneuverability. They also make the board easy to handle and control in stronger winds or gusts.

The RRD BS45 Pro is built using an Autoclave moulding Pre-Preg fibers technology, based on a unidirectional laminar paulownia wood core combined with biaxial glass layers. This is an extremely light and responsive structure.