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RRD Chiatta K 2013

RRD Chiatta K 2013

Kiteboard Model: Chiatta K
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: RRD
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The new RRD Chiatta K comes in one size and has only one purpose: to rip waves. This is an aerial pro wave board designed with the needs of the competitive rider in mind. It features a surfboard like shape which allows the rider to catch waves even when there are virtually no waves out there.

Since it is intended for aerial maneuvers, the board can take off with ease and perform technical tricks with style. The RRD Chiatta K features a wider outline which allows the rider get on a plane with ease and drive upwind without problems. The wider shape can also solve light wind issues.

The wider, squash tail allows the rider throw some spray in the smallest mushiest surf. It also assures quick and controlled bottom turns. But the Chiatta K is also a reliable board when the waves get bigger. It can handle tough surf with ease and lets you climb on any wave without effort. A concave bottom design from mid to tail section makes the glide smooth and fast and assures optimal stability.

The narrower nose allows easy release during off the tops. A thruster fin setup adds the right amount of grip and makes the board loose and fast. RRD has crafted the Chiatta K using a custom PU/Bamboo/Carbon/polyester resin construction which provides high shape accuracy and excellent response and makes the board light and durable.