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RRD Easy Kite 2013

RRD Easy Kite 2013

Kiteboard Model: Easy Kite
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: RRD
Best For
Board sizes

148x46 cm


Not all people are born pro kiteboarders. Most of them need to learn step by step the secrets of kiteboarding to define their style and ride with grace. And that is why the RRD team has crafted the Easy Kite board. This board is designed to shape novice riders into pros.

It is the perfect board to learn your first kiteboarding steps and progress. This is a very good board for school and resorts. The board is extremely user friendly and easy to handle, but can keep up with any rider as he progresses and wants to push his limits further.

It features a slightly larger size, with a friendly, rounder outline, which allows it to glide smoothly and keep the rider in control at all times. The larger profile, combined with a smooth rocker, allows it to deliver excellent upwind and planing performance. Four FLOW5G-10 improve upwind performance and add extra grip. The Easy Kite also offers effortless edging and smooth rail to rail transitions.

The concave bottom shaping assures a clean water flow for a smooth ride and keeps the board stable. A friendly flex pattern generates optimal pop and keeps the rider comfortable. The comfort and safety are also enhanced by a full EVA deck. The RRD Easy Kite is crafted using a Wood and PU core plus glass layers.