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Shinn Master Jack 2011

Shinn Master Jack 2011

Kiteboard Model: Master Jack
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Shinn
Best For
Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

120 x 36 cm
125 x 38 cm


Kiteboarding is a very popular extreme sport and has millions of fans across the Globe. There are a lot of extreme and pro riders out there who impress with their skills and spectacular moves. Many of them started out practicing this sport since they were just kids. And Kids need special equipment to suit their needs and help them learn the secrets of the sport Especially for them Shinn has created the Master Jack, a board which is perfect for the children who need to pick up the basics of kiteboarding and also for those who have already done that and demand a more powerful riding machine. The board is not only a smaller sized adult's board, it has special features which make it the perfect choice for a lighter and less stronger young rider.

The 2011 Shinn Master Jack went through a serious process of research and development. The Shinn team wanted to make sure that it meets the highest quality and performance standards, and much more than that, it wanted to make sure it is the perfect board for kids who love kiteboarding. The board is crafted on using the latest technology and the best fabrics, just like the regular series of boards produced by Shinn. It is not just a scaled down size version of a standard board, it has a special design and it features special tweaks which make it a great board for beginner and advanced young riders alike.

The Master Jack has a compact shape, with reduced tip surface and it features a straighter outline. This profile makes it quite dynamic and allows the rider to experience a fast and smooth ride. The board goes upwind really fast, it is forgiving, but has plenty of pop and power to deliver nice speed or perform nice tricks. The board features increased flex in the tips and feels more rigid underneath the feet area. This way it is very responsive and stable, and the kids can control it without any effort at all.

A concave bottom design, featuring flatter tip areas assures plenty of grip and good power release. The young rider can accelerate the board easily and reach a high speed, can boost it at the right moment to jump and hang or can enjoy a fun, recreational cruise. Landings are very smooth and the board is enhanced to absorb any shocks to provide extra comfort. The Shinn Master Jack features a XS rocker line, with a full tip radius. This rocker line, combined with the compact outline assures optimal steering response, excellent acceleration, planning and upwind potential. The G10 Epoxy fins which equip the board assure extra grip especially in fast and tight turns and assure optimal power delivery.

The board comes complete with the Shinn binding system which is easy to adjust, soft and provides excellent comfort. The Shinn Master Jack is constructed on an Alabasia Wood cores and glass layups. This structure not only that provides the perfect flex and flex response, but also makes the board solid and light. Fast, powerful, easy to use and featuring an effortless control, the Master Jack is here to shape today’s kids into the tomorrow champs.