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Slingshot Crisis 2013

Slingshot Crisis 2013

Kiteboard Model: Crisis
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Slingshot
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle
Board sizes

134 x 40.5 cm
137 x 41.2 cm
141 x 41.5 cm
146 x 43.1 cm


The Crisis was designed by Slingshot to take freeride and downwind riding to a new dimension. It is an extremely dynamic board, perfect for the riders looking for controlled flex, maximum dampening
and excellent versatility in a wide range of conditions.

The board can deliver an easy ride with a maximum level of control. The progressive shape outline allows it to drive upwind with ease and assures effortless edge to edge control. Another cool thing about this board is that it is extremely user friendly. It is stable and easy to handle and offers a smooth glide. It can be used for advanced freeride tricks, as well as for casual cruising and having fun.

At the same time it can help the rider progress with ease. Special double flat rails assure improved edge to edge control and easy handling in chop. They also make the board steadier at higher speeds. The single concave bottom shape provides effortless carves and prevents spray to the face. It also improves stability and upwind performance.

The board has a smoother flex which makes it comfortable to drive in any conditions and assures very soft landings. It is crafted using a full wood core which provides this excellent flex and makes the board agile. The Crisis comes with Fins, Bolt-On 4.0 Bindings and Grab Handle.