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Slingshot Darko 2012

Slingshot Darko 2012

Kiteboard Model: Darko
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Slingshot
Best For
Board sizes

132 cm

135 cm


The new 2012 kiteboarding is about to start, and kiteboarding gear manufacturers are beginning to release the new equipment lines. Slingshot introduces a new line of twin tips for 2012, a board line intended to redefine the riding experience of all kiteboarding fans out there. The 2012 Darko is the kind of board advanced and intermediate freestyle enthusiasts look for. It packs massive pop and power, yet it is easy to handle and has an unmatched control. The board handles with ease hardcore tricks as well as progression rides.

• Darko Deck
• Fastrack Mounting System
• Fusion Tech Rail
• Wood Core
• Resin X
• Tunnel Concave

Freestyle is one of the most spectacular kiteboarding disciplines and gathers a huge number of fans. As soon as a rider picks up the basics of freestyle, he needs to progress in order to perform amazing tricks. Progression is not hard at all if you have a good freestyle board by your side. And the Slingshot Darko is one of the best freestyle boards available today. The massive pop and power it offers is complemented by top control and stability, so the board suits perfectly intermediate and advanced riders.

The board is engineered using a special shape intended to work with and for the rider. It has a fast and smooth glide, it jumps pretty high and performs power moves without problems. The squared tip shape provides increased hooked up and assures effortless steering. The tunnel concave bottom design assures a good bite on the rail and water. At the same time it assures a perfect release and increases overall stability. The board runs excellent in flat waters and small to moderate waves. It has a smooth flex which makes it easy to handle and assures soft landings. The flex absorbs wave impacts for a better drive.

Rail to rail transitions are very smooth and the board goes upwind really fast. It uses four asymmetrical fins which optimize the power delivery, prevent drag and increase the grip in fast turns or at high speeds. The special Darko deck spreads the load proportionally and keeps the rider comfortable.

The board is equipped with the Slingshot Fastrack mounting system which offers a superior bond between feet and deck, without interfering with the board’s flex and pop. This mounting system allows the rider to set up the most comfortable stance to improve riding experience. The board is constructed using a full Wood core, combined with Resin X layups and Fusion Tech Rails. This construction generates an accurate flex pattern and better pop, and makes the board light and durable.