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Slingshot Glide 2012

Slingshot Glide 2012

Kiteboard Model: Glide
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Slingshot
Best For
Board sizes

149 cm


Slingshot has released the 2012 twin tip board lineup. It gathers five board models, and each model is especially crafted to suit specific riding needs. All boards are crafted according to the highest quality standards and offer top performance. The Glide is Slingshot’s answer to light wind conditions. When the wind barely blows, this board will offer you a fast and fun session. The board is powerful, yet forgiving and in can be used by a wide range of riders.

• Wood Core
• Fusion Tech Rails
• Fastrack Mounting System
• Resin X
• Slingshot Legendary Construction

Kiteboarding is a great sport, but what can you do if the wind barely blows and doesn’t have the strength to power up your kite? The answer is simple: you take the new Slingshot Glide and stop worrying about poor wind conditions. The Glide is one of the most reliable light wind boards available today. It has a wider outline and a fuller, rounded profile which allows it to take maximum advantage of wind and water flow to offer a smooth and fast ride.

The board will offer you a fine ride in marginal wind conditions, when all the other riders sit on the beach and wait for a consistent breeze to power their kites. The wider shape and rounded tips improve overall stability and allow the rider to perform various maneuvers. It has improved upwind performance, and even if it is a lightwind board, it can get you planning easily. The new outline also generates more power and improves control. The special Glide deck keeps the rider comfortable and spreads the load proportionally to improve stability.

The Slingshot Glide is built using a CNC shaped wood core combined with Resin X layups. The Wood core provides increased durability and a lighter weight and it also assures enough pop and optimal flex. The Resin X laminate adds extra pop and increases the torsion strength. Extra durability is added by the Fusion Tech Rail. Using the Slingshot Glide, the rider can run fast, jump, get on a plane and perform any other trick in poor wind conditions without much effort.

The Glide is equipped with the Fastrack mounting system which assures optimal bond between feet and deck, without interfering with the board’s flex. This system allows the rider choose from multiple stance options the one which suits him best. The Slingshot Glide is available in a 149 x 45.5 cm size and comes complete with deck, G10 symmetrical fins, Bolt-ons integrated foot pad and micro adjust strap system and Fastrack mounting system.