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Slingshot Screamer 2015

Slingshot Screamer 2015

Kiteboard Model: Screamer
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Slingshot
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The Screamer represents an evolution of the popular T-Rex kitesurf board. It is engineered to handle virtually all wave conditions, from small to big surf. It is a board designed for intermediate to advanced riders that need a versatile board that delivers a perfect blend of power, speed and easy handling. The Screamer also delivers a lively performance in less than ideal wind conditions.

The 2015 Slingshot Screamer is exactly what an avid wave rider needs to feel right at home in any wind and water conditions. The board is agile and fast in small surf, and easy to drive and very stable in big waves. The Screamer sports a parallel outline which improves its speed and upwind performance, but also reduces drag.

The single concave bottom shape assures a fast drive, but also increased stability and a smoother glide in chop or other demanding conditions. A pull-in thumb tail allows the rider initiate fast turns and keep the power when turning. The board features a special, truncated nose design, which significantly reduces swing weight making airs spin and flip tricks easier than any other board.

The board uses Slingshot’s unique Fluid X Vibration Dampening system which reduces vibration for a more comfortable and secure ride. It also provides an anti-torsion property which makes the board more dynamic. A thruster fin setup makes it snappy and fast. The Screamer is built using an EPS core, complemented by the Fluid X layer, plus glass, reinforced glass, PVC foam and bamboo composites.