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SU2 ProRider 3D 2014

SU2 ProRider 3D 2014

Kiteboard Model: ProRider 3D
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: SU2
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle
Board sizes

132 x 40 cm
136 x 41 cm
140 x 42 cm


The ProRider 3D is one of the most versatile kiteboards in the new SU2 twin tip range. It is a board that blends performance with forgiveness and makes kiteboarding accessible to virtually anyone. This is a reliable and user friendly board, which can easily accommodate beginner and intermediate riders and can handle almost all real world conditions.

If you are new to kiteboarding or want to progress, you need to try the SU2 ProRider. As the guys at SU2 say, this board forgives mistakes of beginners and highlights assets of the intermediates enabling polishing the skills to the highest possible extend. It is a very efficient freeride board, with great freestyle potential.

The ride friendly shape, with straighter outlines, makes it extremely maneuverable. Combined with the special freeride rocker, it assures superior early planing and upwind performance. The w harmoniously shaped tips provide predictable landings and prevent spray.

The board features a moderate pop, which makes it forgiving and easy to drive even in demanding conditions like chop, but also provides a nice pop and easy take offs. Thanks to a concave bottom shape, the Prorider 3D is extremely stable and offers a smooth and fast glide. It is built using a hybrid core which generates the forgiving flex and makes it responsive and agile.