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Takoon Source 2011

Takoon Source 2011

Kiteboard Model: Source
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Takoon
Best For
Board sizes

132 x 39 cm

138 x 40 cm

145 x 42 cm


The new 2011 Takoon Source is the kind of board which suits all riders. It is intended to offer maximum comfort out on the waves and excel in all conditions. Crafting a board which blends power and speed with comfort and control was not an easy task, but the Takoon team has done a great job. The Source is great for advanced riders looking to boost massive air and experience a fast speed as well as for less experienced ones who enjoy a relaxing and smooth cruise.

• Progressive Rails
• Wood Core
• ABS Sidewalls
• Leash Plug
• Excellent Planning and Upwind Abilities

Freeride is the most popular kiteboarding discipline and it gathers a huge number of fans. Some of them love a relaxing and fun cruise, while others love to experience the ultimate thrill and perform hardcore tricks. The Takoon team has come up with the perfect solution for both categories. It is called the Source, and it is a twin tip board intended to blend extra comfort with pop, power and speed.

The Source has a refined, rounded outline which generates a smooth and fast glide. This profile also allows the rider to use the board in a large range of wind and wave conditions. The rounded tip shape allows the rider to tackle any wave without effort and improve overall control. Takoon has used a progressive rail shape, thicker in the center area and thinner towards the tips. This feature assures optimal control and a balanced power delivery. It allows the rider to use the board in most wave conditions.

The new rocker line and bottom shape improve upwind and planning abilities of the board. The Source has a smooth power delivery, it feels very steady and it can reach an impressive top speed. At the same time it packs plenty of pop for those riders looking for an extra boost. The Source is equipped with four G10 fins which optimize the power delivery and increase the grip. The Takoon team has engineered the Source using a full Wood core and ABS Sidewalls. This structure makes the bord extremely tough and light and provides the optimal flex pattern for all round freeride performance.

The new pads and pads assure optimal bond between feet and deck and improve the overall comfort. The Takoon Source is available in three sizes and comes complete with straps, pads, fins, handle and leash plug.