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Tona Pop 2014

Tona Pop 2014

Kiteboard Model: Pop
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Tona
Best For
Freestyle  Wakestyle
Board sizes

133x40.5 cm

138x41.5 cm

142x42.75 cm


The Pop is Tona Boards’ flagship product. And the name, Pop, describes exactly the characteristics of this board. It is a twin tip that explodes off the water and propels you like a rocket. This board packs perhaps the most explosive pop you can think of. And that is why this is a board that advanced and expert riders will appreciate.

The Tona Pop is a competition grade kiteboard, built for serious wakestylers and freestylers. The explosive pop it delivers makes it perfect aggressive riding. What is impressive about this board is that it has a mind blowing pop, but also excellent upwind abilities and flawless control and can land very smooth.

The Pop features a slightly parallel outline which assures increased directional stability and very good early planing abilities. The fact that it is stiffer than an average board allows it hold its static rocker line while riding and also helps generate the maximum amount of energy when loading up to pop off the water. A double concave center section plus deep channels along the rails provide a clean and smooth glide and enhance stability and grip when riding without fins.

The double concave works in collaboration with the channels acting as a dampener to soften hard landings and reduce drag. This bottom design is called Kung Fu Grip. The Pop is equipped with 0.8" Ramp fins. These fins are shallower and provide perfect grip and tracking, while also allowing you hit ramps without trouble. To maximize the board’s durability the bottom features a sintered UHMW slider base.