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Underground Speed 2013

Underground Speed 2013

Kiteboard Model: Speed
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Underground
Best For
Board sizes

139 x 27 cm


The Speed is crafted by Underground to break velocity records. It is the weapon of choice of the seasoned GPS speed sailors who are always riding in full throttle and want to set new records. As the Underground team says, the Speed is a surface to surface missile that will take your breath away.

The board features an alien-shaped profile engineered to provide blasting acceleration and insane top speed. The side cut off tips, combined with a narrower profile, provides impressive tracking abilities, as well as superior early planing and upwind performance.

The nifty rail channels plus the fast rocker, improve tracking potential and also provide no compromise control in all conditions. The single concave base assures a smooth glide, as well as excellent stability and better handling. This special base design is able to channel the power in order to generate speed and control.

The Speed is fast and powerful, and not everyone can handle the force it unleashes. That is why this board is recommended to experienced riders. Underground has built the Speed using a Paulownia wood core, carbon and biax glass laminates, Sublimated PBT skins and ABS rails. The board comes with HPCF Fins 2 x 40 mm and Contour pads and straps.