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Vari Custom 2011

Vari Custom 2011

Kiteboard Model: Custom
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Vari
Best For
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The Custom is the only directional kiteboard released by Vari in 2011. It comes in three different sizes and each size is especially tuned to suit certain styles and conditions. The Custom is crafted using the latest technology and according to the highest quality standards. It blends power and speed with control and stability and it is guaranteed to take waveriding to a new dimension. The board feels very lively and responsive from the first moment it is set on the water.

• 5’8’’ best for small and medium waves with side on shore winds
• 6’1’’ best for small, medium and big waves with side on conditions
• 6’0’’ best for medium and big waves with side on or side off conditions

The Vari team is dedicated to improve the riding experience of all riders out there. The 2011 boards are crafted using the latest technology and the best composites and intended to coves all riding skills and styles. The Custom is Vari’s solution for waveriding. The board excels in a wide range of conditions and can be used by all riders who love this discipline. The Vari Custom comes in three different sizes.

Each size is individually tuned and shaped to suit specific wave and wind conditions and riding skills. The 5’8’’ Custom is very agile and responsive and runs great in small and medium waves with side on shore winds. The board is quite fast and generates a constant speed, even if the kite doesn’t offer a very consistent pull. The concave tail design and fins setup provide extra spend and a good grip.

If you love to surf in for small, medium and big waves with side on conditions then you need the 6’1’’ Custom. The innovative design won’t allow you to sink in between section and assures a fast and smooth glide. The 6’1’’ Custom can be used with a kite or without one, just like any surfboard. The longer outline and rounded profile make it a good board for lightwind conditions too.

The 6’0’’ is the ideal choice for riders looking for a good all round wave board.  It features a rounded, fuller outline complemented by a narrower tail. This profile makes it very reactive and easy to handle in most wave and wind conditions. The quad fin configuration generates an impressive speed and improves bottom turns. The rider can run fast or perform spectacular moves without any effort. The 6’0’’ runs great in medium and big waves with side on or side off conditions, as well as in any other situations. Once you set foot on the Vari Custom you will truly feel what waveriding is all about.