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Vari Lotus 2013

Vari Lotus 2013

Kiteboard Model: Lotus
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Vari
Best For
Board sizes

133 x 40 cm

138 x 42 cm


The new Lotus is designed by Vari to meet the needs of intermediate and advanced freestylers who need a board that can deliver good pop and power, as well as smooth control. The Lotus can deliver all that and it is quite user friendly.

It is the kind of board that can perform cool air tricks without hurting your knees when landing. It features a special fluid flex pattern. The flex is increased towards the tips and the board is more rigid in the center area. This flex pattern can generate huge pop, while also making the board comfortable when landing or charging through chop. It also allows the board generate extra pop without extra input from the rider.

The Lotus features a straighter outline with squared tips. This profile makes it very efficient when driving upwind and assures superior early planing potential. The board profile is optimized to deliver a smooth glide and excellent control in either flat waters or chop. The rider is always in control and can handle the board without effort.

The pop rocker line allows the rider to load and pop or take off extremely easy. Vari has built the Lotus using a 3D shaped wood core which generates the fluid flex and makes the board responsive and reactive.