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Wainman Blunt 2011

Wainman Blunt 2011

Kiteboard Model: Blunt
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Wainman
Best For
Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

125 x 39.0cm
130 x 40.5cm
135 x 41.5cm
137 x 43.5cm


The Wainman Blunt kiteboard has proven itself as a great all terrain, all round freeride board since the release of the first model. The Wainman team seems to have found the secret to develop a powerful yet user friendly board which offers extra performance and it is fun and safe to ride. For 2011, Wainman continues the Blunt legacy with another high performance model called Blunt 2 or II. It is engineered to offer the same excellent efficiency at freeride and features new tweaks and improvements which make it livelier out on the water. The board is built using an Airex and Wood core structure with additional carbon and fiberglass layers. This innovative construction makes the board very flexible, light and durable at the same time. It increases the steering response and absorbs all the shocks from wave impact for maximum comfort and reliability.

The new 2011 twin tip kiteboard models from Wainman look awesome. Both the Joke and the Blunt are created to offer top efficiency and versatility. If the Joke is perfect for freestyle, the Blunt is exactly what a freeride enthusiast is looking for. It is a fast and powerful board, it packs plenty of pop and offers an excellent control. Every single size model in the Blunt series is crafted individually to offer the best performance, depending on the rider’s weight.

The smaller versions are perfect for lightweight rider, while the larger ones support very easy a heavier rider. The largest size is perfect for light wind conditions, and it can be powered up in the lightest breeze. The improved outline and ergonomic shape allow the rider to experience a smooth and fast glide as well as top maneuverability. The board has a very nice acceleration and reaches top speed in no time. At the same time, the rider can perform fast turns, nice jumps and excellent carves without any effort. The board has also impressive upwind and early planning abilities due to the hydrodynamic profile and flatter, deeper rocker. It provides an optimized power delivery, great for any trick or move and nice, soft landings, while the thinner rails assure optimal stability and extra control in all situations.

The rails are covered in special silicone fabric to assure extra safety for the rider. A great thing about the Blunt is that it offers excellent reliability, no matter how fast the rider runs, or how extreme are his moves. Extra comfort throughout the whole ride is provided by Soft EVA pads and easy to adjust foot straps. Each model has two sets of inserts, so any rider can choose the perfect stance for him.

The board can be used with fins for optimal power delivery and extra grip or without fins. Experienced and advanced riders will definitely love the way the Blunt performs without fins. Wainman has managed to balance very well the strength to weight ratio, so the board is incredible light, but ultra durable at the same time.  The Wainman Blunt is definitely the ultimate weapon when it comes to freeride.