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Wainman Blunt 2012

Wainman Blunt 2012

Kiteboard Model: Blunt
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Wainman
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Board sizes

130 x 40.5 cm


The Wainman twin tip kiteboards are developed using the latest technology and the best composites, according to the highest performance and quality standards. The twin tip line gathers two board models. You may think that two models are not enough to satisfy the demands of a wide range of riders, but you will change your mind once you take a closer look at them. The board offers outstanding all terrain performance and blends power with control in an amazing way. It suits multiple styles and can be used by all riders who enjoy a quality kiteboarding session.

Wainman Hawaii is one of the most popular kiteboarding brands today. Their team is dedicated to design high quality gear which improves the riding experience of all kiteboarders out there. The new 2012 Wainman Blunt is the kind of board which excels at multiple styles, in all wind and wave conditions. The board is engineered using a compact profile, featuring a fuller, slightly wider outline and custom W shaped tips. These features make the Blunt deliver a very smooth, fast and drag free glide.

The board is a great all terrain performer. It runs fast and offers high jumps and lifts on flat waters and it is reliable and stable in choppy waves. The board is intended to offer the ultimate freeride performance, but it can be used at other disciplines too. It has an instant acceleration and a constant top speed. The Wainman Blunt has optimal flex. The middle section is stiffer to improve stability and comfort, while the tips are very flexible. This way the board becomes very responsive from the first moment it is set on the water and generates an explosive pop when needed.

A deep rocker improves acceleration and upwind performance, while the thin rails maximize control and allow the rider to experience smooth rail to rail transitions. A concave bottom design makes the board incredible steady in all conditions and optimizes the power delivery. The Blunt jumps high and offers extra hangtime, but it also has very smooth landings. It is enhanced to absorb wave shocks to improve the comfort of the ride. Wainman has constructed the blunt using a very light and durable structure.

The thin and light construction makes the board very responsive and easy to control. The Wainman Blunt is equipped with EVA pads and easy adjustable straps. This way the rider can feel comfortable and safe from the first moment he sets foot on the board. The Blunt is fast and accurate, powerful and easy to handle and it is guaranteed to offer you a unique kiteboarding session each time you take it out on the waves.

Wainman Blunt 2012 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Wainman Blunt 2012 Reviewed on Sep 20th 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

The 2012 Blunt is similar to the 2011 model. It seems to be a bit faster and more stable. Cuts the chop nicely and goes upwind really fast and tracks really nice. It also has a good grip. This is a very thin board and looks fragile, but it is a...more