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Wainman Joke 2011

Wainman Joke 2011

Kiteboard Model: Joke
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Wainman
Best For
Wakestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

134 x 40,5 cm

138 x 41,5 cm

142 x 42,5 cm


Wainman Hawaii is one of the most acclaimed kiteboarding gear manufacturers today. When you think Wainman you instantly think at high performance extreme water sports equipment. For instance, the 2011 kiteboard lineup is really impressive. The Wainman team has assembled top riding machines, using the latest technology and only the finest fabrics, to make sure they will meet the needs of the most demanding riders. If you love freeride, and new school is your game, than the 2011 Joke is the board you are looking for. This twin tip board will offer you power, speed, control and extra fun out on the waves. It is enhanced to perform excellent in all conditions and it is very reliable.

• New core technology
• 3D bottom shape
• Adjustable inserts - two sets
• Extra pop and smooth landing
• Improved flex response
• Comes as complete package (includes fins, pads, straps and bag)
• ABS rails

The 2011 Wainman Joke was developed with power and control in mind. The Wainman team wanted to create a board that performs excellent at freeride and especially new school freeride in all possible conditions. Ant it has done an awesome job.

The board packs plenty of pop, it is very lively, offers impeccable carves and smooth landings. Basically, the Joke can perform any trick and maneuver with little or no effort at all from the rider. When it is fully charged, it gets quite aggressive, so it may not be very comfortable for a novice rider. Instead, the expert riders can push their limits to the max, while intermediate ones looking for more adrenaline can perform nice progressions. The compact shape and the optimized outline allow the rider to experience a fast and drag free ride, with minimum wave impact force. The board performs great in flat water as well as in high waves. It absorbs all shocks to increase efficiency and maximize comfort. The joke turns and rotates very fast, jumps really high and offers nice lifts, while being reliable and easy to steer. The rider has a very precise and direct control and can perform any move he wishes. The Wainman team has also significantly improved the board’s upwind, early planning and acceleration abilities, to make sure that it is agile and dynamic in all wave and wind conditions. Wainman has used an innovative 3D bottom design for the Joke. This design increased the grip and stability of the board and maximizes the comfort during the ride. At the same time, this bottom shape optimizes the power delivery and makes the landings very smooth. The thick rails of the board assure a fast and smooth ride and provide extra control as well as impressive hangtime.

The board performs great in all wave conditions and can be used with or without fins, depending on the rider’s choice. The Airex and wood core construction with fiberglass and carbon layer reinforcements make the board ultra solid and very light at the same time. Fast, and powerful, yet forgiving and easy to control, the Wainman Joke is the perfect board for new school freeride, regardless of the wind or wave conditions.