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Wainman Magnum 2011

Wainman Magnum 2011

Kiteboard Model: Magnum
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Wainman
Best For
Board sizes

5'7" x 17.3"
5'10" x 18.1"
6'0" x 18.3"
6'2" x 18.9"


Wainman is the synonym for performance and quality when it comes to kiteboarding. Any piece of equipment it designs undergoes through an extensive process of research and development and it is ready to meet the needs of the most demanding riders. The 2011 kiteboard line comprises two twin tip and three directional board models. It may not seem much, but each board is carefully crafted and can suit multiple conditions, styles and skills. The Magnum is a directional board intended for high performance and skilled riders who love to run fast and perform spectacular moves.

When it has developed the Magnum, the Wainman team has thought at the advanced and experienced riders who love to practice kiteboarding surf style. The Magnum is part of the directional series of boards created by Wainman and it offers extreme performance as well as tons of fun out in the waves. It packs plenty of pop and power and it is incredible fast, so it may not feel very comfortable for the novice rider, even if it is stable and easy to control. On the other hand, the advanced rider will love the high speed and high jumps and lifts it offers.

The Wainman Magnum has a hydrodynamic shape and longer, narrower outlines. These features allow it to run fast and glide smooth in any water conditions. The innovative construction technology makes it light and extremely durable and prevents the shocks from wave impacts. Practically, the rider can cut through any wave without any effort at all. It is intended to perform great in any conditions, but it really excels in side shore waters. Wainman has used an improved rocker and bottom design to make sure the rider gets the most out of this board in any situations. It has an optimal power release and increased grip. At the same time it is incredible fast and has extra acceleration and upwind performance.

The board is quite powerful and will get you jumping really high. At the same time it has very smooth landings and it behaves predictable. Wainman has also focused on the control of the board, and the rider can perform any move easily, while the Magnum offers only positive feedback at any command. Just like Dirty Harry’s gun, the Magnum blasts at incredible speeds through the waved and offers extra power, but it also provides excellent steering response and stability. The rider can enjoy perfect carves, high top speeds and extra fun, while he is completely safe and gains confidence in his skills.

Wainman provides the fin setup for this board, which is intended to optimize the power delivery and increase the grip in tight turns. The deck construction combined with the easy adjustable and soft binding system provides extra comfort throughout the entire ride. The Wainman Magnum is available in four different sizes and comes complete with fins, straps, deck pad and bag.