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Xelerator Surf 2011

Xelerator Surf 2011

Kiteboard Model: Surf
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Xelerator
Best For
Board sizes

6'0" x 18" x 2"


The 2011 kiteboard lineup introduced by Xelerator is really impressive. Their team has worked hard to present the riders exquisite board models, shaped and crafted using the latest technology and the best fabrics. Not only that the 2011 boards meet the highest quality and performance standards, but they suit multiple styles and skill levels. If you like wave riding and love to practice this discipline surf style, the Xelerator Surf is the perfect choice for you. It is fast and powerful, yet easy to control and fun to ride.

• Surfboard style shape
• One size fits all
• EPS core
• Future Vector fins
• Increased edge to edge control

The 2011 Surf is the directional type of board which is intended to complement the twin tip series released by Xelerator. The board is a perfect choice for any wave rider, regardless of skill level. It has nice power and reaches an impressive speed, but it is forgiving and easy to handle in any situation. At the first look the Surf resembles to a real surfboard, but it is a true blood kiteboard.

The board is available only in 6'0" x 18" size, but this size fits all riders. It has enough volume and surface to sustain a heavier rider, to be powered up in light winds or to allow the rider perform any maneuver. The surfboard shape, with longer outlines, narrow tip and tail and wider hips make it glide smoothly and accurate through the water. The rider can cut through any wave at nice speeds and without any effort. The board can be used in light breezes, and it is stable and reliable if the wind picks up.

The Surf can become quite powerful when it is driven by an aggressive rider who loves extreme moves, or it can offer a relaxing cruise for the less experienced rider. The pinched tail and the single concave bottom design assure optimal power release as well as excellent control and extra stability. The tucked rails also provide accurate control and allow the ride to experience tight and fast carves. The board is equipped with a Future Vector fin system which optimizes the power delivery and allows the board to hold a better grip in turns. The Flat Sym straps provide extra comfort through the entire ride.

To make sure the board is solid, yet light, the Xelerator team has constructed the Surf on an EPS core combined with biaxial glass and epoxy laminate layups. The whole structure is wrapped in a High Gloss deck skin and matt bottom finish coating which prevents abrasion damage. Using this structure, Xelerator has managed to balance very well the strength to weight ratio and has made sure the board has optimal stiffness. Take the Surf out for a spin and you are guaranteed to enjoy a superb wave riding session. The board is available in four color styles and comes complete with fins and bindings.