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Xenon Vidra 2011

Xenon Vidra 2011

Kiteboard Model: Vidra
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Xenon
Best For
Board sizes

5'9" x 18 x 1 7/8

6'1" x 18 x 1 7/8


Xenon is a highly appreciated kiteboard manufacturer. Their team spends a lot of effort and time working to perfect every single model, to make sure it suits the requirements of the most demanding riders and it meets the highest quality and performance standards. The 2011 Vidra is a directional board intended for the riders who need power and speed. It feels very lively from the first moment it touches the water and offers both performance and fun.

• Single concave bottom design
• Three fin setup
• Xenon Pro Pads
• EPS Sandwich technology
• Wood deck

Vidra and Prisma, the two directional board models released by Xenon for 2011 impress with their features. The Prisma is an all round performance board, which can be used by novice and advanced riders alike, while the Vidra is a bit more aggressive and powerful and it is ready to deliver extra performance for the intermediate and experienced ones.

Just like the Prisma, it resembles with a classic surfboard, but it is a true blood kiteboard. The Vidra features a narrower outline and a rounded pintail. This profile makes it pretty fast and assures a smooth glide. The rider can tackle any wave with maximum confidence, because the board responds accurately to any command and reacts very predictable. Just like a short surfboard it is very agile and has a quick edge to edge. The pin tail combined with a tail rocker provides a tight radius turn and excellent power release. The rider can run at impressive speeds or perform amazing tricks without any effort at all.

The Vidra performs great in a wide range of wind and wave conditions. It can be powered up and runs fast in light winds, and if the wind gets stronger it is stable and reliable. A great thing about the Xenon Vidra is that it can be used strapped or strapless, depending on the rider’s skills and style. Xenon has equipped the board with a tri fin setup which balances the power delivery and assures increased grip. EVA Xenon traction pads and Xenon Pro straps assure extra comfort and an optimal bind between feet and deck.

The board is constructed on an EPS sandwich technology and features a wood deck. This structure makes it light and robust, and assures increased tensile strength and well as optimal stiffness. If you need a board which performs outstanding in most conditions and can offer you a surf style kiteboarding experience, the Xenon Vidra is the perfect choice for you. It is available in two sizes and comes complete with pads, straps and honey comb fins.