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Xenon Vidra 2013

Xenon Vidra 2013

Kiteboard Model: Vidra
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Xenon
Best For
Board sizes

5'11” x 18 x 1 7/8

6'1” x 18 x 1 7/8


The Xenon Vidra is the weapon of choice for intermediate and advanced riders who love a cool strapped or strapless thrill, no matter the conditions. The Vidra excels in mid size to double overhead juicy waves, but it is in fact an all terrain machine which can tackle any wave in virtually any wind conditions.

The Vidra borrows a lot of features from the classic short surf board. The compact and narrower profile makes it snappy, yet easy to control. This shape allows the rider catch any wave with ease. The board has very good tracking abilities and it is very quick to plane.

The rounded pintail with an increased tail rocker assures tight and controllable turns. A single concave bottom design creates a smooth and fast glide and assures optimal stability when tackling waves or cruising downwind. The new rocker assures excellent maneuverability, as well as superior speed and acceleration.

The Vidra also excels when it comes to quick rail to rail transitions and it is very manageable and agile and behaves smoothly in turns. It is crafted using a light and strong structure which assures excellent response and durability. It is equipped with a thruster fin setup which assures speed, grip and maneuverability.

Xenon Vidra 2013 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Xenon Vidra 2013 Reviewed on May 13th 2013
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

first of all, it has a really nice look and stands out on the water. it likes to jump, carve and jibe. It smooth in onshore mushy waves, but i think it can handle bigger surf. it's smooth and forgiving in chop. it feels well balanced and stable....more