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Zeeko Bhoot CL 2011

Zeeko Bhoot CL 2011

Kiteboard Model: Bhoot CL
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Zeeko
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle
Board sizes

135 x 40 cm


The Bhoot family of boards introduced by Zeeko in 2011 gathers three models: SX, CL and XL. It may seem that three boards are not enough to cover the needs of all the riders out there, but once you take a closer look at them you will change your mind. The Bhoot CL is a versatile and efficient freride and freestyle machine. The board is fine tuned to suit a wide range of riding skills and styles and it performs outstanding in most wind and wave conditions. 

• Asymmetric outline
• Improved Lightwind Performance
• Composite Wood Core
• Carbon Finish
• Concave Design

The Bhoot CL went through an extensive process of research and development as well as serious testing before being released on the market. That is because the Zeeko team wanted to make sure the board excels at two of the most popular kiteboarding disciplines: freestyle and freeride. The board is crafted according to the highest quality standards and it is a real masterpiece.

It is constructed using a hybrid Wood core and covered in a special top and bottom sheet. The Wood core creates the optimal flex for freeride and freestyle and makes the board extremely responsive. The bottom sheet assures a better glide, while the top sheet gives the board an elegant transparent Carbon finish. The board is reinforced in high stress areas, but it is still very light and agile. Zeeko has implemented an asymmetrical outline when it has designed the Bhoot CL, using a rounded frontside edge. This way, the board excels at both freeride and freestyle and it can be used in a wide range of wave conditions.

The lightweight construction and refined profile make the board a good choice for lightwind conditions too. The Zeeko Bhoot CL features a stretched scoop between the feet positions to provide a comfortable ride and facilitate the waterstart. The concave bottom is flattened towards the extremities to assure smooth landings and to absorb the shocks resulted from wave impacts.

The board genereates plenty of pop and allows the rider to experience high lifts and jumps. It reaches a fast top speed and has goes upwind really smooth. At the same time it is easy to control in all situations. It is responsive and reliable and can be used even by riders looking to enjoy a recreational cruise. The Zeeko Bhoot CL is versatile and fun to ride. It takes care of all your freestyle and freeride needs.