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Zeeko Bhoot SX 2011

Zeeko Bhoot SX 2011

Kiteboard Model: Bhoot SX
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Zeeko
Best For
Freestyle  Waveriding
Board sizes

131 x 39 cm


Zeeko is a relatively new player in the kiteboarding industry, but it successfully competes with other dedicated brands. Their team is dedicated to craft highly competitive kiteboarding equipment and tries to satisfy the demands of all riders out there. The Bhoot SX is one of the most efficient freestyle and wave twin tips designed by Zeeko. It is quite powerful, it has plenty of pop, yet it is easy to use and user friendly. The board excels at freeestyle and waveriding, but it can be used as ligtwind board due to the lightweight construction and special profile.

The 2011 Bhoot boards developed by Zeeko are crafted using the latest technology and the best composites. The Bhoot series gathers three board models, each of them especially designed to suit specific riding styles and skills. If you love freestyle and waveriding, the Bhoot SX is the answer to all of your needs. The board is fast and powerful, it has an awesome pop, but it is responsive and easy to handle at the same time. The board has a compact shape and weights around 1.9 kilograms. It is designed using an asymmetrical shape, with a rounded front side edge.

The lightweight construction and the smooth outline make it a good lightwind weapon. The rider can power it up and enjoy a fast glide even in light breezes. The board is perfect for freestyle when it is used backside and excels at waveriding when used frontside. A stretched scoop between the feet allows the rider to have a fantastic water start and improves acceleration and top speed. The scoop is bended towards the sides to offer a smooth and comfortable glide. The concave bottom design also improves stability and landings. It suppresses the shocks resulted from wave impacts to keep the rider comfortable.

The bottom is covered in a special sheet which facilitates the glide in all wave conditions. Zeeko has built the Zeeko Bhoot SX using a composite Wood core. The Wood core assures a lightweight construction and generates the flex pattern needed for both freestyle and waveriding. Additional reinforcements are used in high stress areas, but they do not affect overall weight. The deck features an elegant transparent Carbon finish.

The Zeeko Bhoot SX is a great choice for advanced riders looking to perform amazing moves, as well as for less experienced ones who are trying to progress. It is available in a 131 x 39 centimeters size only, but it is a one size fits all kind of board.