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 Zeeko Bhoot XL 2011

Zeeko Bhoot XL 2011

Kiteboard Model: Bhoot XL
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Zeeko
Best For
Board sizes

140 x 45 cm


The Zeeko team is dedicated to craft high performance kiteboarding gear and tries to bring performance closer to perfection which every single piece of equipment it releases on the market. The 2011 Bhoot boards are crafted according to the highest quality standards and cover a wide range of styles and skills. The new Bhoot XL is Zeeko’s answer for lightwind conditions. This board will get you running in the lightest breeze. Just like the other boards in the Zeeko Bhoot family, the XL features an asymmetrical shape, a special concave, a lightweight construction and it is tuned to suit multiple styles.

In 2011 Zeeko has introduced the Bhoot series, gathering three board models: XS, CL and XS. They are all built using a similar technology, but each model is carefully tweaked and fine tuned to suit specific styles and riding needs. The XS excels at waveriding and freestyle, the CL is perfect for freeride and freestyle, while the XS has outstanding lightwind performance.

The Zeeko Bhoot XL suits a multitude of riders looking to have and perform nice tricks in the lightest breeze. The board weights around 2.5 kilograms and it has a wider shape. The lightweight construction and refined profile propels the Bhoot XL like a rocket when all the other riders sit on the beach and wait for the wind to pick up. A special fin setup improves the overall performance of the board.

The board is equipped with two 5.4 cm fins in the front, two 7.0 cm fins in the back and one 7.0 cm fin between feet. The front fins prevent drag, the back fins improve the grip, while the middle fin improves the upwind performance of the board.  The asymmetrical outline, featuring a rounded frontside edge makes the board suitable for multiple styles. The rider can enjoy a nice freeride, freestyle or waveriding session without problems. Zeeko has crafted the Bhoot XL using a stretched scoop between the feet and a flatter scoop section towards the extremities. This feature improves stability and allows the board to suppress the shocks resulted from wave impacts and provide very smooth landings.

The Zeeko Bhoot XL is built using a hybrid Wood core which provides an optimal flex pattern and makes the board extremely responsive. A special bottom sheet facilitates the glide, while a top sheet gives the board an elegant transparent Carbon finish. The board can be used by most riders, it is reliable, quite powerful and fun to ride.